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This site provides information on the Mulce repository where learning & teaching corpora are accessible. It explains the methodology used to compile these LETEC corpora (with associated analysis tools). It provides guidlines for sharing research data on online learning situations. Access information about Mulce on OLAC
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Discovering LETEC corpora

This article explains how to discover and become acquainted with the large set of LETEC corpora which are available in the open-access Mulce (MULtimodal Corpus Exchange) repository. The latter corpora have been collected over the past 12 years and are diverse in terms of the types of online learning situations and the types of Learner Computer Interactions.

Results of the survey “CALL within the Digital Humanities: considering CALL journals, research data and the sharing of research results”

Taking the opportunity of this communication to Eurocall 2013 (Chanier 2013), colleagues who were subscribers to the EUROCALL and CALICO mailing lists were invited to participate in an online survey. Here are the results of this survey.
It collected attitudes and opinions of CALL researchers related to issues on multilingual aspects of CALL literature, open access to publication, scientific process linking publications and data, access and reuse of data on learning situations where the researcher/teacher did not participated in the first instance, acknowledgement of research related to work on data.

Most recent articles

Most recent articles

Analysing different types of interaction data with SAMSA, a Social Network Analysis tool

A few elements concerning the pedagogical context, the corpus extract, the format used by the tool, the downloadable tool and the research questions associated to the tool are presented here.

EUROCALL 2010, workshop "Dissemination and comparison of research findings: developing Contextualized Learning and Teaching Corpora (LETEC)"

This is the provisional agenda for the workshop "Dissemination and comparison of research findings: developing Contextualized Learning and Teaching Corpora (LETEC)" , pre-conference Eurocall, Bordeaux, September 8th 2010

Mulce : MUltimodal contextualized Learner Corpus Exchange

Wednesday 30 December 2009 by Thierry CHANIER

The study of online learning, whether aimed at understanding this form of situated human learning, at evaluating relevant pedagogical scenarios and settings or at improving technological environments, requires the availability of interaction data from all those involved in such learning situations, including learners and teachers and other participants.

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