The Mulce data bank and its services

mercredi 26 mai 2010 par Christophe Reffay

The corpora provided by the Mulce bank contain data recorded from on-line learning and teaching situations. These big objects are complex and highly structured by using an XML manifest that describes their metadata, components (Learning Design, Research protocol, License, Actors, Context, interaction data, etc.) and their resources (i.e. : audio/video files, recorded interviews, transcripts, etc.). All these data : manifest and resources (files) are available on-line.

Mulce Corpus : a complex and structured dataset

Each corpus of the Mulce bank is described by metadata included in the corpus itself. Some of this information is duplicated in a database (BD Description) used by the platform to characterise and select these objects by mean of a set of criteria (Actors, Languages, Modalities, Tools, etc.). A selected corpus can be opened and visited (on-line) or fully downloaded.
These metadata are also visible and readable for OLAC (Open Language Archive Community) harvesters that index these objects in their international archives.
Finally, we added an information web site in order to document the Mulce project and its salient concepts (structures, corpus constitution and indexation, platform use, etc.).

The MULCE bank of Corpora : Access, services and information

Technically, the Mulce bank server is based upon a Linux system, Apache and Tomcat server applications and the MySQL database.

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