CMC Workshop. CMC Data in Learning and Teaching (LETEC) Corpora

Tuesday 21 May 2013 by Thierry CHANIER

Chanier, T. & Reffay, C. (2013). CMC Data in Learning and Teaching (LETEC) Corpora. International workshop: Building Corpora of Computer-Mediated Communication: Issues, Challenges, and Perspectives, Feb 14–15, 2013, TU Dortmund University [slides]

This communication has been presented during the scientific event organized by the scientific network "Building & Annotating CMC Corpora".

The network is focused on the development of schemata for the annotation of discourse retrieved from genres of computer-mediated communication (CMC) for the use in corpora and on the improvement of NLP tools for the automatic processing of CMC-related phenomena.

The network has been launched on the occasion of an international workshop held at TU Dortmund University in February 2013. This page offers a documentation of the talks held at the workshop. Access to other parts of the wiki is restricted to the members of the network.

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21 June 2013
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