Corpora of multimodal conversations: what can we research?

A short description of the research context:

The presentation introduces a project where the same corpus was mined by 8 different research teams.

A short description of the corpus extract:

Dataset 2: ’Having talked about men and women in France and the US, now sum up your talk in writing’

The research questions associated to the corpus during the workshop:

(1) Invite attenders to work in pairs with this corpus using their own research aims

(2) Report how the original 8 teams worked the data and what conclusions they came to

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Lamy, M-N et Flewitt, R. ‘The multimodal mediation of semiotic resources in an online conversation’, in Develotte, C. Kern, R. and Lamy, M-N (eds.) ’Décrire la communication en ligne - le face a face distanciel’, Lyon : ENS Editions.

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