Tatiana: an environment to support the CSCL analysis process

1) The research context:

Tatiana (Trace Analysis Tool for Interaction Analysts) is an environment designed to assist researchers in managing, synchronizing, visualizing and analyzing their data by iteratively creating artifacts which further their understanding or exhibit their current understanding of their data. We show how Tatiana can be used to perform analyses and its potential for sharing corpora and analyses within the research community.

2) A short description of the corpus extract:

The corpus reunionEMSE is an anonimized extract from the ten first minutes of a meeting between two students and their tutor about a project of C programming on the Game of Life. Participants discuss orally and can use a collaborative text editing tool to take notes.

Online task to discover Tatiana:

3) The downloadable tool:

4) The format used by the tool:

XML format

5) Research questions associated to the tool :

Tatiana is a tool for interaction analysts (researchers in linguistics or cognitive sciences who are interested in analysing human interactions), particularly those who wish to analyse interactions that are mediated by technology and who wish to be able to visualise and analyse combinations of log data and videos, transcriptions, etc.

The presentation explores two questions: 1) how can multimodal reformulations bear witness to students’ knowledge appropriation? 2) To what extent can the tool for coordinating turn-taking influence the cooperative note-taking ?

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