Re-analysis of a LETEC corpus with KSV

Tuesday 31 May 2011 by Christophe Reffay, Thierry CHANIER

Discussions board extracted from the LETEC Simuligne have been re-analyzed with KSV (Knowledge Space Visualizer). Reconsidering (Reffay & Chanier, 2003) another Social Network Analysis (SNA)

The goals of this paper are twofold: (1) to demonstrate how previously published
data can be re-analyzed to gain a new perspective on CSCL dynamics and (2) to propose a
new measure of social cohesion that was developed through improvements to existing analytic
tools. In this study, we downloaded the Simuligne corpus from the publicly available Mulce
repository. We improved the Knowledge Space Visualizer (KSV) to deepen the notion of
cohesion by using a dynamic representation of sociograms. The Calico tools have been used
and extended to complete this cohesion measure by analyzing lexical markers. These
complementary analyses of cohesion, based on clique sizes and communication intensity on
the one hand, and lexical markers on the other hand, offer more detailed information on (a) the
relationships between participants and (b) the structure and intensity of communication. In
particular, the analyses highlight strong convergences that were not visible in the previous

Reffay, C., Teplovs, C. & Blondel, F-M (2011).Productive re-use of CSCL data and analytic tools to provide a new perspective on group cohesion, CSCL 2011 Conference, July 4-8, Honk-Kong, China.

KSV (2011). Knowledge Space Visualizer [ ]

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31 May 2011
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