8/11, dataTEL : SIG on Data-driven Research and Learning Analytics

Monday 22 August 2011 by Christophe Reffay, Thierry CHANIER

Mulce would like to express its common interest with the working group dataTEL (Data-driven Research and Learning Analytics), anmimated by Hendrik Drachsler, SIG of the TELeurope (Technology-Enhanced Learning in Europe) network

Extracts from the website

On the SIG

The growth of data in the knowledge society creates opportunities for new insights through advanced analysis methods based on information retrieval technologies. Educational institutions also create and own huge datasets on their students and course activities. But they make little use of the data when considering new educational services, recommending suitable peers or content, and improving the personalization of learning.

The SIG dataTEL aims to address these issues by advancing data-driven research to gain verifiable and valid results and to develop a body of knowledge about the personalization of learning. It builds upon the positive outcomes of the dataTEL Theme Team funded by the STELLAR Network of Excellence. It’s intentions are to foster the cooperation between different Learning Analytics research units and to act as their representative to other relevant communities.

On TeleuropeTechnology-Enhanced Learning in Europe (Where research meets research & practice!)

TELeurope is the social media hub for everything about technology-enhanced learning. It is the community platform of the European open network of excellence in technology-enhanced learning STELLARNET.EU. TELeurope is the place where research meets research & practice.

References to Mulce data

TEL forum, topic additional-repository-of-research-data

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