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How can you use our database of corpora Mulce-pf where we deposit all our objets: corpora, scenarios, analysis, which all can be reused?

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Discovering LETEC corpora (Tutorials)

Thursday 4 June 2015 by Thierry CHANIER

This article explains how to discover and become acquainted with the large set of LETEC corpora which are available in the open-access Mulce (MULtimodal Corpus Exchange) repository. The latter corpora have been collected over the past 12 years and are diverse in terms of the types of online learning situations and the types of Learner Computer Interactions.

Re-analysis of a LETEC corpus with KSV (Tutorials)

Tuesday 31 May 2011 by Christophe Reffay, Thierry CHANIER

Discussions board extracted from the LETEC Simuligne have been re-analyzed with KSV (Knowledge Space Visualizer). Reconsidering (Reffay & Chanier, 2003) another Social Network Analysis (SNA)

The Mulce data bank and its services (Tutorials)

mercredi 26 mai 2010 par Christophe Reffay

General presentation of services built arround the Mulce bank of corpora.

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